30 December 2014

Christmas in Kurdistan

Nathan was a bit worried that showing Home Alone to his students at St Peter's Seminary wouldn't be appropriate for the religious context.  Santa and his reindeer in the seminary lounge did a great deal to allay his fears.

The IDP center at Mar Elia Shrine has this life-sized nativity in one of the tents left over from the early days of displacement.  The writing says khema yesooa (Jesus' tent).

The surroundings of Jesus' tent.

Our Advent wreath on a quiet Christmas eve, pre-service.

Post-service, choir members greeted each other in the newly-renovated sanctuary at Umm al-Maouna church.

Christmas dinner (garlic lamb chops and mashed potatoes!) by the warmth of the Syrian stove.

Nathan divided the pieces in half so that I wouldn't compulsively do it all by myself.

His Christmastime tradition of re-reading The Lord of the Rings continues for another year.
(Not pictured: we also re-watched.)

Christmas crafting.

Christmas goodie-making.

Surprise deliveries from our parents' homes supplemented our array of cookies and sweets with a taste of home. 

Post-Christmas, the remnants of my Advent wreath spiraled out of control.


  1. Lovely, lovely! Thanks for sharing...I am still pondering "Home Alone" in particular (aren't you glad you stimulate deep thoughts?) and also appreciate the areal view of the Nativity tent since I had seen an up close photo in the news.

  2. It's such fun to see into your life and the home you're creating. I like the spiraling-out-of-control candles, and yay! chocolate-dipped orange rinds!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Remembering our times abroad at Christmas and thinking ahead to times like these in the future. Blessings. Betsy fisher rhodes

  4. There is so much warmth in these images.
    Re: the puzzle pieces -- HA.

  5. I love the special touches you've created to celebrate Christmas in your new home. Garlic lamb chops -- yummm!!!